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GLIS 2008: President's message

youngMore than any time before, the Geographic and Land Information Society in 2008 needs to continue to be involved in issues of interest to our members and continue to attract new members with similar interests.. Last year at the ESRI user conference, René Garcia [GLIS secretary], Bruce Hedquist [director] attempted to explain what GLIS is and what we do. The pool of potential members that comes to the ESRI conference is vast and still largely untapped by GLIS. We need new faces and new ideas in our ranks in order to make GLIS stronger. For, without new members and more participation from the existing membership, no organization can go on. We have an enormous task ahead of us, and not much time; and not until we communicate to others that we are the bridge on which surveyors and mappers meet, will we be successful in growing our organization. This is not a doom-and-gloom message; rather, a call to “rally the troops.” Get involved in GLIS activities, come to our meetings and give us your ideas of where you see the organization going in the future, what we need to do better, how to do it....Your involvement will help our profession and attract others to join us... for only a vibrant community can attract new, dynamic membership. Robert L. Young, PLS.










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