Geographic and Land Information Society


Mission and Goals

In accordance with GLIS bylaws, the mission of GLIS is to encourage the appropriate use of surveying and mapping technologies in the development and use of geographic and land information systems. In line with this mission, GLIS aims to:

  • Promote communication between GIS and surveying professionals;

  • Ensure the integrity of large-scale geographic and land information systems;

  • Promote the use of sound surveying and mapping principles in the development and use of land information systems;

  • Foster the development and adoption of useful standards, specifications, and procedures for the development and operation of land information systems;

  • Increase educational programs in GIS and US;

  • Work with other organizations in the GIS and LIS community;

  • Promote the development of reliable large-scale land information systems;

  • Provide a continuing forum for communication and coordination between GIS and surveying professionals;

  • Develop useful educational events and materials; and

  • Foster local, regional, and national cooperation among GIS and surveying organizations.


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