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Hello there: For the last four years i have spent most of my time researching an effective planning process to reduce GIS Planning complexity, and therefore created a web-based tool named GISMO.  I am now in the testing phase of the web-site, and have come accross you within a search engine - noticing that you too are interested in GIS planning.  Can you test my website for me by creating a new user account.  Please send me as much feedback as you can relating to the planning process and how to improve the website. 

GISMO will take you about 15 minutes if you can invent a purpose for the creation of a GIS (maybe not in reality - just for testing purpose).  The URL is:

Liverpool John Moores University have a new GIS laboratory and would like to invite you or various members of your organisation to participate with future research and events as a thank you for taking part with this research programme.

Regards, Vicky Craig, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

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