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The mission of the Geographic and Land Information Society (GLIS) is to promote the use of quality spatial data. It does so by supporting work that ensures the integrity and usability of large-scale GISs, such as those used by local and state government, utilities, and other organizations.

GLIS seeks to make a difference in the use of GIS technology by providing educational opportunities and information materials related to GIS.

The GLIS Annual GIS Competition for high schools is one such opportunity. Its purpose, in line with GLIS mission, is to enhance the understanding of the GIS technoloy among its future users. We hope that high schools across the Nation will take part. The competition has been sponsored by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Winners of the contest will be recognized with prizes at the ACSM-LSAW annual conference and technology exhibition scheduled to take place in Spokane, Washington, on March 3-9, 2008.


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