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One of the biggest challenges in the development and use of large-scale land information systems is that of combining GIS with surveying principles, interests, and professional activities. The Geographic and Land Information Society brings together the two professions so as to ensure the integrity and reliability of the data and the resultant uses of large-scale land information systems. GLIS is dedicated to encouraging the appropriate use of surveying and mapping technologies in the development and use of geographic and land information systems. GLIS shares a common goal with the ESRI Surveying-Special Interest Group (S-SIG) to work to strengthen the synergy between the GIS and land surveying professions.

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Geographic Synergism
income tax on binary options in india The first issue of the the GLIS newsletter is out. The two-pager contains news and announcements specially taylored for the GLIS community. A link to ach issue will be posted on the Publications page, which will take readers to a downloadable pdf.






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